Kasaar Soldier - Heavy Weapon Specialist

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Kasaar Soldier - Heavy Weapon Specialist is a character in Arc Continuum.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Few battles are as violent as the ones with these heavy weapon specialists. Their ability to tear apart large number of foes was a crucial advantage in the conquest of Taraan. Heavy Weapon Specialists' can be found in the thick of battle because their weapons shower chaos and devastation throughout enemy ranks.

Their ability to take down entire city blocks as a group has crushed previous resistance efforts instantly. During the Taraan War, many of the Taraanian people lost their lives and homes with their "hit-and-run" method of attack. Their controlled viciousness has made them excel in large scale violence. Ruthless and disciplined, they release their ferocity only at the right moment to cause maximum damage.

If you hope to stand a chance against the power of the heavy weapon specialist's bombardments, you must use the power of the ARC to remain agile-blinking back and forth to avoid their catastrophic blasts. If you do happen to get caught in one, be sure to time rewind yourself quickly before being torn apart by the explosion.