Kasaar Soldier - Sniper

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Shrouded assassin.jpg

Kasaar Soldier - Sniper is a character in Arc Continuum.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Also known as the "Shrouded Assassin".

The reputation of the Kasaar Snipers reflects their killing style - subtle yet far reaching. They are emotionless, quiet, sudden, and ruthlessly violent when they hunt. The Kasaar Snipers move swiftly and prowl in the shadows, picking off their foes with surgical strikes and pinpoint accuracy. Dedicated to the art of killing and meticulously planning with cold discipline, these invisible killers operate with no remorse.

Taraanian resistance leaders have met their demise with the mark of these assassins - one shot to a vital organ. Always unseen at the edge of battle, they continue to instill fear in the minds of the Taraanian resistance.

To make sure you don't meet the same fate as so many before, utilize your powers to stay out of the snipers sight. By getting close to them, you take away their advantage and are able to take them out before they retreat to higher ground.